On this page we describe the privacy implications for the use of vergaderinggemist.org. This application is provided voluntarily. The creators have no intention of using any personal information and have no intention to collect, analyse or distribute it, with exception to the information necessary for the application to function properly. On this page we will explain which data this website stores and uses and what the implications can be for you.

By using this website you agree to the information below.

Personal information in the application

When you login to the application your name is stored in the database on the server. This is to allow the sound attendant in the Kingdom Hall to see who is listening, to add you to the number of attendants and possibly welcome you at the beginning of the meeting. When the meeting ends this information will be deleted. If for some reason the meeting has not ended properly then the personal details will be removed at the end of the day. When you login to this site you agree that your name will be stored in the Database for a maximum of one day. We aim to handle you personal data as carefully as possible. If you are not in agreement with this then unfortunately it will be impossible to use this application.

Request for stored personal information

If you want us to check if we have any personal information about you in our system you can send your request by e-mail to support@vergaderinggemist.org. We will start a query and will report the outcome to you.


We use Google analytics to monitor how many people use the website. We have a processor agreement with Google. The collected data contains anonymized IP-addresses. So your IP-address is not completely stored by Google in the statistics. Also the data will be submitted encrypted, and not be shared with other Google services like AdWords or DoubleClick. Three cookies are placed to use Google Analytics: _ga, _gid en _gat_gtag_UA_108684401_1. These cookies contain no privacy-sensitive data. If you insist on preventing your data being send to Google, you can use the Opt-out plugin.

You also need to login to use this application. Therefore the use of a so-called "session" cookie is required. It is called ci_session. This cookie contains an encrypted string, and contains no sensitive information.

Another cookie is saved if you choose to store your congregation number and name vglogin. This cookie is only stored on your device and contains your name and congregation number.

If you want to remove this cookie, clear the cookies of your browser (often shift+backspace), or login again with the "store" checkbox unchecked.

If you click "No problem" in the cookie-banner, we will place a local cookie on your device named cookieconsent_status, to store this consent.


On this site we use a font from the Google-font library. Google is not very transparent about the question of if they monitor the use of these fonts. By using this site you accept that the use of this font can be monitored by Google.

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